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Importing Supplier Price List Items

Tradify allows for the importing of entire price books from your supplier.  This makes producing quotes and allocating costs to jobs easier and more accurate.


To import a supplier price list, click on Settings > Price List.

Click on Import/Export.



Select a Supplier this price list is for. 


If this is the first time you've imported a price list for this supplier, you’ll need to add a new supplier by clicking the option, "New Supplier", that will appear as a drop down as you click on the Supplier field.




Enter the supplier details and click "Save".



NOTE: The only mandatory field is the Supplier Name.  The rest of the fields can be left blank or as defaulted.  These can be updated at a later stage if required.  If the Price List File you are importing is one you have created specific to your business, then the Supplier Name could be any fictitious name, e.g. Your Company Name or Service Charges etc.


Click on Choose CSV File.



Use the file browser to find the CSV (Comma Separated Values) File you want to import.


Tradify will open the CSV file, examine it’s contents and try to determine which columns contain the data that is required.  In the screenshot below Tradify has matched the CSV file headers, StockCodeDescription and Unit with Tradify's Price List fields, Item Code, Description and Unit Of Measure .


Any remaining columns are either not required or can't be matched automatically.  In this instance, you can manually allocate the unmatched column to the relevant field in Tradify by clicking on the drop down box under the relevant header.



When you’re happy the required columns have been matched correctly, click on "Import Price List File".

Tradify will start uploading your price file.  Depending on the file size it may take several minutes.  Once finished, you’ll be able to use the supplier price file in Tradify.


Problem Solving

If you experience any problems Importing a supplier Price List File, please check the following by opening the file in Excel:

1 - Check that the file has column headers



2 - Make sure that none of the column headers are duplicated, i.e. you can't have two columns with the same header. 


3 - Check that no Buy Prices are blank.  Each item must have a Buy Price even if it set to Zero.


4 - Check that Item Codes are not duplicated on a single Price List import file.  A quick way to check this in Excel is to select the Item Code Column rows (excluding the header) and click on the Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rule > Duplicate Values, as shown below.


Simply remove the duplicate items or change the Item Code on the duplicate row to make it unique.


5 - Make sure the file is not open when trying to import it and that it has been saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.


6 - Finally make sure that the rows contain the correct values that Tradify is expecting.  Check this Price List Sample Import File that explains each of the fields in Tradify's Price List Database Table and which fields a mandatory and which are optional.  It also provides a sample of the type of data each field should contain and the valid value for GST/Tax Rates if required.  NOTE: The attached file is saved as a standard Excel File instead of a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file so that the formatting will be maintained for viewing purposes.  Files that are imported into Tradify must be saved as a CSV file.


If you have performed all these checks and are still encountering an error when importing a Supplier's Price List File, then please contact support by sending details of the error and the file you are trying to import to 


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