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Creating a Recurring Job

Recurring Jobs in Tradify provides an easy way to automatically create jobs according to a recurring frequency that you specify.

Using the Recurring Jobs feature, Jobs can be:

      • Created and Scheduled
      • Created and Assigned to Staff Members
      • Created Only

Essentially a Recurring Job is a template that is used to create a job record repeatedly as needed; for example, a Lawn Maintenance Company that needs to schedule regular lawn or maintenance work for their customers. 



Creating a Recurring Job


1 - Click on the main Jobs menu


2 - Click on New Recurring Job.



3 - In the Recurring Job screen, enter a description of the Job in the "Job Name" field to easily identify your recurring templates, use the customer company name and work type


4 - Select the "Job Type" from the drop down list.

NOTE: The options are:

      • Create and Schedule Job - this creates the job and schedules an appointment in the Scheduler according to the frequency set
      • Create and Assign Job - this creates the Job and assigns it to a Staff Member
      • Create Job Only - this creates a Job record only


5 - Recurring Job Schedule: Specify the recurring frequency schedule on which to create your jobs.  

NOTE: If the date you specify, does not occur in a given month, the last day of the month is used instead.

For example: If you chose 31st of the month, in the month of June which only has 30 days, the 30th will be used instead.

  • Frequency Options - The following frequency options are available: 
    • Daily - allows for daily job creation or according to the number of days entered in the following "Every" field
    • Weeklyallows for weekly job creation or according to the number of weeks entered in the following "Every" field
    • Monthly - day of monthallows for monthly (based on the date in a month, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) job creation or according to the number of months entered in the following "Every" field
    • Monthly - day of the week - allows for monthly (based on the day of the week) job creation or according to the number of months entered in the following "Every" field
      • NOTE: The rest of the fields adjust according to the selections made and also whether you are creating a Job only or Create and Assigning or Create and Scheduling.
  • Next Occurance - This indicates the next date a Job will be created.
  • Stop Date - allows for a stop date to be specified where auto Job creation will end (optional)
  • Create Job - allows you to specify the number of days prior to the Next Occurance date, that the Job will be created 


6 - Enter the Customer details as required and verify the address


7 - Enter the Job Description that you want to recur for each Job that is created



The rest of the Job information is the same as when entering a regular Job.  You also have the option of entering tasks that you want to appear on each recurring Job created by this template.

NOTE: Once the Recurring Job template has been created, any alterations made to a job record that is generated, will not affect the Recurring Job template that the Job was created from.  In addition, changes made to the Recurring Job template are not retrospectively applied to existing Job records that have been created, they will only apply to any Jobs generated after the change is made.


Recurring Invoices


A Recurring Invoice can optionally be set up to auto generate in line with the Recurring Job or on a different frequency, if the billing for the maintenance work is fixed. You can find out more about Recurring Invoices here.


If a Recurring Job has a Recurring Invoice, it appears at the bottom of the Recurring Job screen, as shown below.



To edit the Recurring Invoice, simply click on the Invoice Name or Customer and it will open the Recurring Invoice template, as shown below.





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