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Using the Job Timer

The Job Timer offers a quick way to enter a timesheet into the Tradify system. It’s purpose is to allow quick and easy logging of time against a job.


You can get to the Job Timer by clicking on Jobs in the main navigation bar. Locate the job you wish to set the timer for or enter a New Job.


Once inside the job screen, click on Start Timer.



In this screen you can input timesheet relevant notes then click Start.

Note: Even if you exit out of the web console, Tradify will continue to operate this function in the background until the timer is stopped.



To turn off the timer, locate the job then click on Stop Timer. Once the timer has been stopped, Tradify will redirect you to the timesheet entry.



If you didn’t manage to stop the timer at the right time, you can edit the timesheet entry here.

Click Save and you’re done.



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