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Creating a Recurring Invoice

A recurring invoice is an easy way to set-up invoices in advance. Effectively, a recurring invoice is a template which is used to create an invoice over and over again. This is useful if your business needs to send invoices on a regular or repeating basis.


Creating a recurring invoice can be done in the invoices list. You can get to the invoices list by clicking on Invoices in the main navigation bar. Next click on New Invoice and New Recurring Invoice.



Once in the recurring invoice screen, enter the required information.



Invoice Name: To easily identify your recurring templates, use the customer company name and work type.

Recurring Invoice Schedule: Specify the schedule on which to create your invoices.

Tip: If a date in which you specify does not occur in a given month, the last day of the month will be used.

For example: If you chose 31st of the month, in June the 30th will be used.

The rest of the information is the same as a regular invoice except for the option to create a recurring invoice. You can find out more about invoices here.


Using invoice variables

Invoice variables will be substituted with the appropriate text each time an invoice is generated. The following variables can be used in the invoice description and line item description:

[companyname] – your company name

[customername] – the customer name

[contactname] – the contact name

[date] – the invoice date

[month] – the invoice month

[year] – the invoice year

[duedate] – the invoice due date

[number] – the invoice number

[jobaddress] – the job address

Examples below are for invoice IV1144 generated on 30th of September 2013 due on 20th of October 2013:

Computer Support for [month] [year] = Computer Support for September 2013
Quarterly Service [month-2] – [month] = Quarterly Service July – September
Invoice [number] due [duedate] = Invoice IV1144 due 20 October 2013


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