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Using a Billing Run for Bulk Invoicing

A Billing Run allows the bulk creation of invoices for several jobs all at once, optimising the billing process.


To begin a new Billing Run, click on Invoices in the main navigation bar, then click on New Invoice and New Billing Run.



You can choose to bulk invoice by any of the categories listed in any of the drop down filter buttons. In this example we use the job status filter button to select all jobs with the To Invoice status.


You can use the method that best suits your billing requirements. For example you may wish to use the Scheduled Last Week filter to invoice last week’s jobs.



Use the checkboxes to select the jobs you want to invoice then click Next to proceed.



You have the option to Invoice by Customer, create one invoice for each customer or Invoice by Job, create one invoice for each job.

Use the cut-off date to include time and materials prior to a specific date.

Use the Change job status to option to change the job status automatically following the invoice creation.

Include job information as an line item by checking the boxes under Job Information to Include.

Click Next to proceed.



The Billing Run completed screen will appear and report the results of the Billing Run.



In this example one invoice was created and three jobs were left not invoiced. This will occur when there is no time or materials logged against the jobs to invoice.

Several actions are available for the new invoices including Approve, Print, Email, Send to Accounting and Delete. In this example we choose to send the new invoices to our accounting system.




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