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Sending Invoices to Xero

Its really easy in Tradify to send your invoices to Xero. Invoices can be sent to Xero in a DRAFT format or APPROVED format. All you need to do is make sure Tradify and Xero are taking to one another (Integrated) first.


- Once an invoice is sent to Xero, it will be locked in Tradify for any further edits.

If you need too, it can be reset to a draft status by opening the invoice, clicking OPTIONS > Reset Sent to Xero > OPTIONS > Reset to Draft

1. When you have your invoice open and are happy with sending it, click the blue APPROVE button on the lower right hand corner of your screen, as per the below screenshot:




2. When your invoice has been sent through to Xero the following message will be displayed:




 3. Tradify will then move the invoice to the Sent to Xero tab in the invoices list.




4. The invoice will now appear in Xero as an APPROVED or DRAFT copy depending on your option you set up in your integrations. For this example, invoices are being sent to Xero as APPROVED copies and are awaiting payment.




5. From here all you need to do is sent it to your customer. You may do that either from Tradify by email or printing a physical copy, or from Xero. Whichever you prefer.





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