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Can I change usernames?

Usernames are set on each Staff Member that is set up to use or access Tradify. 

Unfortunately once a Staff Member/User has be set up the username cannot be changed. However there are two possible options you could explore.

  1. If the Staff Member/User has recently been added to an account, and no Jobs, Timesheets or Appointments are assigned to that Staff Member/User then you can delete the Staff Member/User and recreate them afterwards with the new username you wish to use.
  2. If the User does have Jobs, Timesheets or Appointments assigned to them, then it is best to create a new Staff Member/User first. Then reassign the existing Jobs and Appointments to the new User, after which you can Archive the old Staff Member/User record.

Please note that each username must be unique in Tradify's entire user base as this is what identifies the person logging on and also which account he/she belongs to.

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