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Entering Daily/Weekly Timesheets

Entering timesheet entries

1. Click on Timesheets in the main navigation bar
2. Click on the staff member you want to enter the timesheet for
3. Click on New Timesheet Entry or the big green PLUS sign in the bottom right hand corner.
4. Enter all of the required information and click Save.

Date – the date the work was carried out

Start Time – the time the work started

End Time – the time the work finished

Job – the job this time is to be charged to. This field should be left blank for non-billable work.

Billing Rate – the rate that the time is to be charged at. You can find out more about billing rates here. This defaults to the staff members normal billing rate.

Notes – a description of the work carried out. This field is optional.

Timesheet key

Yellow – The time sheet is non billable.
Red – This timesheet entry has not been invoiced yet.
Green – This timesheet entry has been invoiced.

The timesheet entries can be exported and collated in Excel to aid with entering payroll related data.  To do this, click on the "Options" button under the main "Timesheets" menu.


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