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Accounting System: Linking Tradify with Xero

1. Click on Settings in the main navigation bar. Next click on Accounting System.

2. Click on Xero.


3. Click on Login to Xero and you’ll be redirected to Xero and asked to login and authorise Tradify.

4. To authorize Tradify, simply login to your Xero account by entering your email address and Xero password.

5. Click on Authorise.

6. Once authorised, you will automatically be redirected back to Tradify.

7. Select the appropriate account codes for Labour, Materials, your Bank Account and Purchases then click OK. 

If unsure of the account codes to use, your accountant or bookkeeper can help you with this or for more information on the Account Code Selections and Integration Options, click here.

Once the link has been established with Xero, you can import your customers, suppliers and inventory item records by following the processes below:

Click on Customers > Options > Import Customers from Xero.


Click on Suppliers > Options > Import Suppliers from Xero.


Click on Settings > Price Lists & Kits > Options > Import Price List Items from Xero.

You can perform the above steps at any stage to update Tradify with your Customers, Suppliers and Price List Items that are added in Xero.  However, we do recommend rather creating and maintaining all your Customers, Suppliers and Price List Items in Tradify as these automatically update Xero when sending invoices through.



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