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Setting up Notifications for Users

Notifications can be sent either to the Tradify application or to a user's email address.  Currently notifications are sent when a Job or a Task is assigned to a User or when an Appointment is scheduled or changed for a User.  Notes can also be sent as a Notification to a User when required. For more information on sending Notes to a User click here.

To set notifications up, go to Settings > Staff Members, open the staff member record you want to set notifications for, and place a tick in the check box, "Send Job notifications to Tradify Mobile", as illustrated below.


If the above option is ticked and notifications are not being received on the mobile device, then it is important to also make sure that Notifications are enabled on the Mobile device under Settings and that the Tradify app on the Mobile device is also set to allow Notifications.

To check this, first of all open Tradify on the Mobile device and go to the Settings menu.  Look in the Notifications section to see if they have been enabled:

If it says disabled in this section, then follow the steps outlined below:


Android Devices:

To ensure push notifications are enabled for the Tradify app on your Android device:

1 - On your Android device, launch the Settings app

2 - The icon for this app varies from device to device

3 - Tap Application manager, on some devices, this might be called Apps


5 - Scroll through the list of apps and tap Tradify

6 - Tap Show notifications to turn push notifications on or off for Tradify


Apple Devices

To ensure push notifications are enabled for the Tradify app on your Apple device:

1 - On the Apple device tap on the Settings icon

2 - Tap on Notifications


3 - Scroll through the list of Apps and tap on Tradify  



4 - Make sure all options listed are enabled


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    Ashleigh Hunt

    Does Tradify have the capacity to remind staff of a job coming up or what they have to do next?
    Eg. A reminder 30 mins before the job is due to start?

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