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What are Custom Fields typically used for?

Custom fields are provided as places to enter additional user defined information for Customers, Sites or specific to Jobs.  

Below are a few examples of additional information you could use Custom fields to record: 

    • Customer Type
    • Customer Source
    • Serial Number
    • Budget Value
    • Warranty Expiry
    • Est Completion Date
    • Access Code
    • Unit/Flat No 


How to configure Custom Fields:

The Custom Field labels can be set under Settings > Job > Custom Fields. ​


Using the fields provided, enter new names to replace the default Custom Field names. 

Note: Custom Fields are hardcoded into the product and cannot be increased, nor decreased. Custom Fields are for internal use only and won't be displayed on customer facing documents.


Click Save to complete.


How do I add values to my custom fields?

Values for Custom Fields can be pre-entered on the Customer and/or Site record. This information will pre-populate over to your Jobs accordingly.

Click on Customer > open customer or site > Custom Information.



When you create a Job for this customer, the Custom Fields and their values will automatically populate over.


Note: Values can be replaced within the job, however, this will only affect the individual Job. If you want to update the default values (for all jobs created for the Customer), you will need to do update in the Customer and/or Site record.



The content of Custom fields can also be used to filter the Job list as required.

For example, if you wanted to see all the jobs relating to a piece of equipment installed at a customer's address, you could enter the serial number of the equipment in one of the custom fields on each of the Jobs that it was worked on.  Then to list these jobs simply enter the serial number in the search field under Jobs.  All the Jobs with the particular serial number will be listed accordingly. ​


While the information can be pre-entered on a Customer or Site Record, which then defaults to a Job created for that Customer or Site, the values can be altered on any particular job by simply editing this field as required.

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