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Can I use Kits on Invoices or Jobs?

Unfortunately Kits can only be used on Quotes currently. 

The reason is that the accounting systems Tradify integrates with do not provide a mechanism to receive Kits in the same way they are set up in Tradify.

We are working a solution so it will be possible in the future to add Kits to a Job and an Invoice but at this stage we are unable to provide a definite indication of when this will be made available.

Currently the Kit components can be copied to the Materials tab on the Job from the Quote, and the main summary Kit line can also be copied to an Invoice from the Quote.  The Kit will appear on the Invoice as it appears on the Quote, (i.e. as a single Misc Line Item).  An example of how to do this is shown below:

This is how the Kit displays on the Quote.

To Invoice the Quote once it has been Approved and Accepted, click on the "Copy to Invoice" button at the bottom left of the Quote screen.

Then on the dialogue window that appears, place a tick on the Check Box, "Group kits into a single line item on the invoice" and then click "OK"

The line details on the Quote will copy to the Invoice accordingly and Kit line will be copied as a single Misc Cost Line.

The components of the Kit can also be copied to the materials tab of the Job so that the actual costs can be recorded on the Job.  To do this, go to the Materials tab on the Job and click on the "Copy Materials from Quote" button.

All the Quote lines will then be copied to the Job including all the Kit components.

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