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Tax Settings

The Default Tax Settings and Tax Calculation Method used in Tradify are set under Tax Settings.

Click on Settings > Tax Settings to access these configuration options.

Tax Settings


Default Tax Rate – the default tax rate to assign to New Price List Items, Billing/Labour Charge-out Rates and Miscellaneous charges.

Default No Tax Rate – the default no tax rate to assign to Price List Items, Billing/Labour Charge-out Rates and Miscellaneous charges entered on Jobs, Invoices, Quotes or Purchase Orders where the "No Tax" flag is set.

Sales Tax Default - the default sales tax calculation indicator flag that applies to New Customers. 

Purchase Tax Default - the default purchase tax calculation indicator flag that applies to New Suppliers.

Tax Calculation Method – this determines whether tax is calculated on each line item or on the whole invoice or quotes.  This must correspond to the tax calculation method used by the Accounting System Tradify is linked to.

Tax Rates

Tax rates are used to calculate sales/purchase tax on invoices, quotes or purchases. In most cases you will only need a single tax rate which Tradify creates for you, however, if the country or tax jurisdiction your business is operating in requires that you use multiple tax rates when invoicing, you can add additional tax rates to accommodate this.

NOTE: In some cases Tradify will not be able to determine the correct tax rate for you. Please ensure that the tax rate Tradify has created for you has been set up with the correct rate. Speak to your accountant if you are not sure what the rate should be.

Adding a new tax rate

1. Click on New Tax Rate.


2. Enter a name in the Display Name field.
3. Enter the tax rate percentage in the Rate field.


4. Click "Save" to complete the process.


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