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Is there a way to send bulk emails to Customers?

Invoices and Quotes can be emailed in bulk to Customers from within Tradify.  However, if you are needing to send bulk sales or marketing emails to customers, then the best option is to export your Customer list to Excel and use the Mail Merge facilities in MS Word to achieve this.

To export Customers to Excel, go to Customers > Options > Export Customers to File. 

Then save the exported file to location on your hard drive where it can be easily accessed.

Open the file in Excel if you wish to filter the list to just those Customers that you wish to email. There are numerous options that can be used in Excel to filter the data list.  

Excel Data Filter Option

One Option is to use "Data Filters".  Click on the first row on the Excel data list, then click on the DATA tab and the Filter function in the Sort & Filter menu group as shown below.

The list can be filtered by any of the column headers by clicking on the down arrows (see examples above circled in red).  So you could select individual Customers or filter by Town, Region or some other header field.

Once the list has been filtered, select the filtered data by clicking on the top left corner of the grid.  Then click on the Home tab > Find & Replace > Go to Special.

Then in the dialogue window that appears, select the option, "Visible Cells Only"

Right click on the data rows and copy the data.  

Then paste the data in a new Excel Workbook and save the file.


Alternate Data Filtering Option

An Alternate Option is to use the data filter options in the Mailing facility in MS Word. After opening MS Word, click on the MAILINGS tab.  Then click the menu options Start Mail Merge > E-mail Messages, as illustrated below.

After typing the email message you wish to send, click on the menu option, Select Recipients > Use an Existing List.

Point MS Word to the Exported Customer List, that you exported out of Tradify, select it and click "Open".

You are now ready to filter and select the customers you wish to email.  

To begin, click on the menu option, "Edit Recipient List". (step 8 as shown below)

The Excel Data List will appear on screen in a window.  This window can be enlarged as needed.

The list initially comes up with all rows selected.  So if you wish to filter the list, first, remove the tick from the check Box on the header row of the Data List, (click on the check box to the right of Data Source - Step 9).


Then click on the Filter option at the bottom left of the window. (step 10)

Enter the Filter Records as needed. (step 11 - example of selecting City = Auckland)

Click "OK" on the Query Options window to apply the Filter Options entered. (step 12)

Then place a tick in the check box next to each record that you wish to send an email to, and make sure each record has an email address.  If it doesn't, this can be entered on the row in the Mail Merge Recipients window. (step 13)

Click "OK" to confirm the list and close the Recipients window. (step 14)


Email Merge Process

The final part of the Mail Merge process involves adding the data fields to the email so that these can be dynamically populated as the Emails are sent. 

Place your Cursor in the position you wish to insert a Data field in the email message. (step 15).

Click on the "Insert Mail Merge Fields" menu option, and then select the field you wish to insert.  You can repeat this process for any of the fields as required. (steps 16 & 17)

Lastly click on the "Finish & Merge" menu option, and then "Send Email Messages" as illustrated below.

In the dialogue window that appears, enter a subject line and click "OK" (steps 20 & 21)

All emails will then be sent and you can can check the emails in your Sent box in MS Outlook.

You are able to save the Mail Merge Email document for further use in the future.



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