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Tradify Recommended Devices & Specs

Web platform:

Tradify can be used on any computer, so long as it has an active internet connection and decent processing power. If you’re unable to run simple tasks without long processing times, you're likely to run into the same problems when using Tradify.

Tradify is also designed to be run on the web, which means, it operates on most browsing platforms. If you’re wondering which browser to use, Google Chrome would be our pick. This is due to its superior stability and performance.

Here’s a full list of supported browsers:

Please note: If you’re having issues with your browser, please ensure that you’ve updated to the latest version. Otherwise, see our article on clearing your browser cache.

Mobile Apps:

Please note: due to ongoing updates, these specs are subject to change.

Apple Device Compatibility:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Requires iOS 9.3 or later

Android Device Compatibility:

  • Any Android device equipped with a Camera and GPS functionality
  • Requires OS 5.0 or later
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