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My iPad keeps freezing for no reason even after reinstalling Tradify.

Please check  that you are running the latest version of Apple iOS.  Then check that the Tradify is also up to date. (Go to the APP store, search for Tradify and if the option to the right of the Tradify app says "Update" then click on it to update Tradify accordingly.

It is important to keep the operating system up to date on the device to ensure Tradify continues to operate smoothly.

If the iOS and the Tradify App are both up to date and you are still experiencing this issue, then please could you send some further details to the support team regarding where Tradify is freezing, (i.e. which screen/s specifically in Tradify are freezing and what steps are you following to get there).

Please also check that Users know how to "kill" the app correctly, as instead of deleting and reinstalling the app, you could simply reset the App by simply killing and restarting it.

To "kill" the app, Double tap the "Home" button and swipe the appropriate app upwards until it is removed from the screen.

If the entire iPad is frozen then you will need to reset the iPad by holding the "Home" and "Lock" button together.

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