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How do I produce an invoice for a Customer c/o of a Real Estate or Strata company?

The best way to address this requirement, is to set up two Customers.  

First, the Customer as the Real Estate Company, i.e. AAA Real Estate, and then add a Site to this Customer record for the property location or Landlord's details, i.e. Joe Blogs.  This will allow you to create the Job record and consolidate the work under the Real Estate Company.  

Second, create another customer record for the Landlord or Property Owner to whom an invoice needs to be sent for the work done on site. i.e. Joe Blogs c/o AAA Real Estate. 

At the time of generating the invoice, in Tradify you can change the Customer on the Invoice to another Customer Record, i.e. Joe Blogs c/o AAA Real Estate.  That way the Invoice reads as it should and the invoice remains attached to the Job as required, making it easy to reference all the work done for a Real Estate company.

The image below shows how you can set the Real Estate company (Strata company in this example) as the customer, and then select the "Site" where the job is being done.

The following image shows how you can change the customer on an invoice, so that it will display the Landlord or Property Owner's details rather than the actual Real Estate company. Simply type in the customer's name that you wish to appear on the invoice and save it.​

Once this is done, you will see that the invoice is now for a different company, while the job is still recorded as being completed for the Real Estate company, (or in this example Strata Company.)

Of course if there was no need to store all the Jobs under the Real Estate company, then you could just create a Customer, i.e. Joe Blogs c/o AAA Real Estate, and then create the Job for that customer as required.


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