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Other Configuration Options to Consider

A final step in the process of configuring Tradify to best support your business needs, please go through the following questions.  

If you answer Yes to any of them, click on the link provided at the end of the question, to view another article that will help you to further understand how to configure and use Tradify to address a specific need:

  1. Would you like to have access to your main supplier's price lists? - If Yes then click here.
  2. Would you like to compile Quotes or Estimates in Tradify? - If Yes click here.
  3. Would you like to manage Opportunities and Enquiries from customers in Tradify? - If Yes click here.
  4. Do you need to produce Progress Claim invoices based on a percentage of a Quote or Contract value? - If Yes click here.
  5. Do you need to maintain costs for different stages or tasks on a Job? - If Yes click here.
  6. Do you need to produce time and material based invoices on milestones reached or tasks completed on Jobs? - If Yes click here.
  7. Do you need to manage variation costs and invoicing separately on Jobs? If Yes click here.
  8. Do you need to generate recurring appointments for maintenance based Jobs? - If Yes click here.
  9. Do you need to keep track of warranty expiry dates on equipment installed? - If Yes click here.
  10. Do you need to see what work was done in connection with a piece of equipment supplied to a customer? - If Yes click here.
  11. Do you do a lot of work for Real Estate or Strata companies and then need to produce an invoice for the Landlord or Property Owner c/o the Real Estate or Strata company? - If Yes click here.
  12. Do you need to charge a minimum rate for the 1st hour on site?- If Yes click here.
  13. Do you need to schedule work for equipment used on site and charge the customer accordingly, i.e. Digger, Floor Sander etc?- If Yes click here.
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