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Assigning Jobs to Staff

Tradify allows jobs to be assigned to one or more staff members. When a job is assigned to a staff member a number of things will occur.

1. A notification is sent out to staff member’s who are using Tradify mobile app notifying them that the job has been assigned to them

2. The job now appears in the staff member’s job list under My Jobs and New Jobs

3. The job status is changed to Assigned


There are two methods that can be used to assign a job to staff:

The first is to use the Staff button in the job screen.

Click to add the staff member to assign the job.

NOTE: You can also assign the job to more than one staff member if you need to.

Click Save and you’re done.


The second method of assigning a job to staff is to schedule a job appointment for a staff member using the scheduler. When a job appointment is scheduled for a staff member the job is automatically assigned to that staff member. You can find out more about scheduling job appointments here.


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