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Logging Time and Materials

Logging time​


Tradify allows logging of time for specific jobs and also logging of time on a daily and weekly basis. You can find out more about logging of time on a daily and weekly basis here.


​To enter a timesheet entry for a job go to the job screen click on the Time tab. Then click on New Timesheet Entry.



Enter all of the required information and click OK.

Staff Member – the staff member this entry is for. This field defaults to the current user.

Date – the date the work was carried out.

Start Time – the time the work started.

Finish Time – the time the work finished.

Billing Rate – the rate that the time is to be charged at. You can find out more about billing rates here. This defaults to the staff members normal billing rate.

Notes – a description of the work carried out. This field is optional.



Click Save and you’re done.




Logging materials​

Tradify provides logging of two types of material costs. The first and most commonly used is Price List Items. These are items that have already been entered into your system price list beforehand with specific cost and price values. You can find out more about price list items here. To enter a Price List Item cost against a job go to the jobs screen and click on the Cost tab. Then click on New Cost and New Price List Item.



Search for the price list item by typing in the search box.



Once you’ve found the item you’re looking for, click on it in the drop down list to select it, then enter the quantity required and click OK.



Click Save and you’re done.



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