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Sending Invoices to MYOB AccountRight

1. Click on Invoices in the main navigation bar.

2. Find the invoice, then click on the invoice number to open the invoice screen​.



3. Click on Options, then click on Send to Accounting.



4. You must login to MYOB before Tradify can access your MYOB account. The first time you send an invoice to MYOB, you’ll be asked to select your accounting software. This will only be requested for initial set up. ​Select MYOB AccountRight.



5. Click on Login to MYOB and you’ll be redirected to the MYOB website and asked to login and authorise Tradify.



6. To authorise Tradify, simply login to your MYOB account by entering your MYOB username and password.



7. Click on Allow access.



8. Once authorised, you will automatically be redirected back to Tradify. Now select your company file and enter your company file user id and password.




9. Select your preferred invoice layout, invoice category if you’re using categories, then select the appropriate account codes for Labour, Materials, your Bank Account and Payments then click OK. If unsure of the account codes to use, your accountant can help you with this.

NOTE: Tick the checkbox to use MYOB sequential invoice numbering. It is recommended if you create invoices using both Tradify and MYOB.



10. The invoice is being sent to MYOB.


11. The invoice is now locked for editing in Tradify and sent to MYOB. To make further changes, please use MYOB.



12. Tradify will then move the invoice to the Sent to MYOB tab in the invoices list.



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