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Job Settings

Under this settings menu you can set the following:

  • Job numbering sequence
  • Custom Field Labels
  • Job Statuses
  • Job Category selection options

Click on Settings > Job Settings to access these settings options.

The setting options are separated into different tabs.  Click on each tab to access the settings for that area.

Job Numbers

Job Number Prefix – the text used at the front of job numbers. This field can be left blank if you don’t want to use a job number prefix.

Next Job Number – the next number to use for jobs. This defines the job numbering sequence for Tradify to use when jobs are generated so they can be made to follow on from your previous system.  NOTE: Tradify reuses deleted job numbers so this field will always display the next job number the system will use.  If you do not want the system to reuse a deleted job number, then either edit this number after deleting a job or rather set the status of job you wish to delete, to "Cancelled" to remove the Job from the Active Jobs list.

Custom Fields

Job Category #1 – #2 – these are where you can define the labels to use for the job category fields in the job screen.  The default job categories provided with the standard set up of Tradify are Priority and Job Type.  You can set the labels to reflect the default options or you can set them to whatever is more appropriate for your needs as the categories are completely user definable.


Job Custom #1 – 4 – these are where you can define the labels to use for each of the custom job fields that display on the job screen.  The content of these fields can be pre-set on the each customer and site record.  They are searchable when filtering Jobs and Customer Lists.  Below is an example of what they can be used for:


Job Statuses

Job statuses provide a way for you to manage the progress of your jobs. You can choose to use these or create your own custom statuses .  You can either create your own statuses or you can rename the default statuses except for the following system controlled statuses: 

  • Unassigned - Default status automatically assigned to new Jobs
  • Assigned - Default status automatically assigned when a Job is assigned to a staff member
  • Scheduled - Default status automatically assigned when an appointment for a Job is set
  • In Progress - Default status automatically assigned when a user starts the timer on a Job
  • Complete - Status to manually select when the work has been completed on a Job and it has been fully invoiced. Jobs with this status are suppressed from the Active Jobs list.
  • Cancelled - Status to manually assign to a Job when it is no longer needed or the work has been cancelled. Jobs with this status are suppressed from the Active Jobs list.

Although some of the statuses are automatically assigned, they can be manually selected and assigned to a Job when a status update is required.

Job Categories #1 & #2 

Job categories provide a way for you to categorise and filter your jobs.  You can define your own categories in line with what makes sense to you.  The default categories provided as part of the standard set up are as follows:

  • Job Category #1 - Job Priorities
  • Job Category #2 - Work/Job Types

You can choose to use these as they are or create your own categories to suit your business needs.


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