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Tradify's pricing works as follows:

  1. Any Staff Member/User that is granted Access to the system, regardless of where they access the system from, costs $20.00 per user per month.
  2. Staff Members that are set to "No Access", meaning they cannot access the system at all, essentially recording time and material costs on a printout or piece of paper outside of the system, are charged at $5.00 per staff member per month. Staff Members in this category, are typically used for Apprentices or Subcontractors for which someone else allocates jobs to them and enters time and materials on their behalf in the system.

The above pricing is quoted in New Zealand Dollars (exclusive of GST) and there are different rates charged per country.  Below outlines the pricing per User type, per country, per month:


  1. User with Access - AUD 20.00
  2. User with No Access - AUD 5.00


  1. User with Access - CAN 20.00
  2. User with No Access - CAN 5.00

Great Britain:

  1. User with Access - GBP 20.00
  2. User with No Access - GBP 5.00


  1. User with Access - USD 20.00
  2. User with No Access - USD 5.00

South Africa:

  1. User with Access - ZAR 200.00
  2. User with No Access - ZAR 50.00 

Users in Countries outside of New Zealand do not attract any GST on their monthly subscription.


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