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How do I get Custom Fields and the Job Description to appear on an invoice?

You can automatically add Job related information to an invoice using the "New Billing Run" feature.

Under the main Invoices menu, click on the "New Billing Run" button.  Select the Job or Jobs you wish to invoice. (The Billing Run feature also allows for multiple Jobs to be grouped into one Invoice by Customer).


Use the filters on the next screen to filter the Jobs you wish to invoice. In the example provided below, the Jobs were filtered by Job Status, "To Invoice" and using the Search Text filter to list the Jobs for the Customer, "Rendezvous Grand".


Once the list is filtered, place a tick in the Check Box next to each Job you wish to invoice and click the "Create Invoices" button.

Place a tick in the Check Boxes relating to the information you wish to add to the Invoice Lines.  

Each option ticked will appear on the invoice lines.


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