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Emails sent out of Tradify are not being received?

It is important to do a couple of checks to make sure there are no outside issues with the email addresses you are sending to.  

  1. Make sure the email address of the recipient has been entered 100% correctly
  2. Ask the recipient to check their spam or junk mail folder for the email you sent from Tradify
  3. Please try sending an email to that address from your standard email application, be it Outlook, Gmail etc  
  4. Check the size of any attachments that you are sending along with the email sent from Tradify. There are limits imposed on the size of attachments by various mail servers, over which Tradify has not control

If no delivery notification errors are received and the recipient has confirmed receipt of the email sent using your standard email application, then please send details of the recipient's email addresses that are failing and include any delivery notification error messages you may have received when sending emails from Tradify.  Also please include the senders email address.

We will then check the email addresses for any blocks or bounce flags that may account for this issue.

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