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Can I set up Health and Safety Check Lists to be completed in Tradify?

Currently Tradify only offers the ability to add Tasks on Jobs that can be assigned to Users and added to the Schedule to be attended to.  Users can mark the Tasks as Complete when they have been attended to and the system timestamps this action.

Tasks could be used to create Health & Safety Check Lists, however, the ability to print these out and report on them is limited to on-screen viewing.

For a more comprehensive solution, we recommend Customer's use a tool called iAuditor to cater for what they need in this regard.  Click here for more information on iAuditor.

This tool is easy to set up and use and provides access to thousands of online templates to create the digital forms as needed.  It is also very affordable and once a form has been generated in iAuditor, you can turn it into a PDF format which is then easily attached to a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, or Bill in Tradify at the click of a button.

Below is an example of a digital form in iAuditor and how it can be attached to a Job in Tradify

 The forms allow for all kinds of field types including multiple choice response options, address locators, date pickers, free text, media uploads including digital drawings and a whole lot more.

Once the form or safety audit has been completed, it can be digitally signed and Marked as Complete.  Then you tap the "Preview & Export" option at the bottom right of the App Screen.

Then tap the "Preview" button on the dialogue window that appears.

You have the option to convert the form into a PDF or Word doc layout and the form can be emailed directly from the App.

Once the form is generated into a PDF format, click on the icon that looks like a page with an arrow pointing out the top.

Then tap on the "Copy to Tradify" icon on the dialogue window that appears.

This will open Tradify and allow you to attach the form to a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, Bill or a Customer.  In this example we will "Attach to a Job" under Notes.

Once you have tapped on "Attach to a Job", search for a Job and tap on it.

Enter a Note Description and then tap "Done".

The form is then saved to the Job and can be accessed from within Tradify and viewed by any of the Users.

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