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Company Settings is where the Company Name that appears on all Documents is entered.  This is also where the company's GST/ABN number, Currency and Time zone are set.

Click on Settings > Company Settings to access this option.  Enter your company details in the fields provided and click "Save" to confirm the entries and selections made.  

Company Name - Enter the trading or registered name of your business.  This will appear on Documents if no Logo has been uploaded.  The company name can also be made to appear on all emails sent out of the system. (See Settings > Email Settings

GST Number - Enter the company's GST or ABN number for your business.  This number will appears on Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders sent out of the system.

Currency - Select from the drop down list, the currency to use on this company account.  The currency abbreviation will then appear on all documents.

System Time Zone - Select the time zone that relates to your company's location.  This is important to get right, as this determines the current time the system uses on time entries.  This option also downloads the Map Addresses Database relevant to the selection made, so that Customer and Job Addresses can be searched and entered with ease.  The database is further referenced to determine the GPS coordinates of an address so that the Job can be made to appear on the Maps provided in the system.

Delivery Address - Enter the physical address of your company.  This address can then be selected as the delivery address specified on a Purchase Order.  The Delivery Address can also include the company's contact details as shown above.


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