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Is there a way to track which materials from a Bill have been copied to a Job?

Currently there is no indicator or flag that highlights whether a Bill has been copied to materials.  This is planned for a future release.  

In the interim, we recommend following a specific workflow within the system so that you can manage this, when there are multiple Bills on a Job.  For example, when the Suppliers invoice is received, do the following:

    1. Copy the PO to a bill, and adjust values as required.
    2. Enter the Supplier's invoice no and Job number in the invoice/reference field.
    3. Save the Bill as a Draft.
    4. Go to the Job and copy the Materials from the bill you have just entered to the Materials tab.
    5. At this stage you could optionally alter the reference by adding a prefix to indicate that it has now been copied over.
    6. Approve the Bill. 

Following this process will allow you to keep track of the Bills that have been copied (approved Bills) and those that haven't yet (draft Bills).  

The prefix in the reference field will also allow you to distinguish which Bills that have been copied from those that haven't, when copying the materials over to the Job.

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