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How do I manage Opportunities in Tradify?

If you are looking to manage and track the progress of opportunities then we recommend creating jobs to manage the quote or tender process.

We recommend creating a new Job Status under Settings >Job settings > Job Statuses, called "Opportunities & Enquires".  You can then assign each new "Quote/Opportunity" Job this new Job Status.

When you create a custom Job Status, you have the option to exclude jobs with this Job Status from your active jobs list.  

You may also wish to create new selection options under one of the existing "Job Categories", under Settings > Job Settings > Job Categories #1 or 2, that mirror your sales cycle.  That way you or your sales team can easily track which stage the opportunity is at. 

In addition, if you want to track the time spent on the tender process, using the jobs in this way, would allow you to do this.  Assuming you don't want to charge the customer for this time, we recommend creating a Billing Rate with a zero charge out rate, that can be used for these time entries.

For more information on how to set up these options in Tradify and see an example of how to use Tradify in this way, click here.

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