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Install Tradify on a Mobile Device

Tradify works on both Apple and Android mobile devices, whether they be Phones or Tablets.


The following outlines the steps to install the application on a mobile device.  While this article guides your through the steps of installing it on an Apple device, the process is pretty much the same if you are installing on an Android.  The distinct differences will be explained further.


Whichever device you are using go to the Applications store.  

  • Apple devices - App Store
  • Android devices - Play Store


Search for Tradify and tap on the download/install icon to the right of the app "Tradify Limited", as shown below


Once it has downloaded tap on "Open" as shown below or tap on the Tradify app on your device amongst the installed Application Icons


Enter your User Name and Password on the Tradify login screen and tap login.



The first time you login to Tradify on a Mobile Device the system will prompt you to enter a 4 digit pin (and reconfirm it) to access Tradify in future.  Enter a 4 digit pin that you will remember. 



Once the pin has been entered and reconfirmed, it will log you on to Tradify.  You will then be prompted to grant Tradify to Allow access to your location even when you are not using the app.  Tap "Allow".  This is necessary so that your position relative to Job Address can be determined and shown on a map, thereby assisting with Job dispatch.

You are then prompted to allow notifications to be sent by Tradify.  Tap "OK" to grant permission.  This is necessary so that Notes and other Notifications of appointments and Jobs assigned to the user will be received on the device.

The installation process is now complete.


What's Next

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