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Invoice Customer

The Job can be invoiced either on the Web Console or the Mobile device depending on the User's permission level.  For the purpose of this example we will cover the basic invoicing process on the Web Console


Invoice the Customer


1 - On the Web Console, click on the "Jobs" main menu


2 - Select the "Job Status", "To Invoice" to filter the jobs list to show only those Jobs with this status 


3 - Click on the Job you wish to open and invoice



4 - With the Job open, click on the Invoice tab


5 - Click on the "New Invoice" button



6 - Click the "Time & Materials" button to produce a Time & Materials based invoice.



7 - Click "OK" to confirm selection.

NOTE: For more information on the the invoicing options available to use, click here.  


The system then generates an invoice with all the time entries and material costs that were added to the Job on the Time and Materials tab.


8 - Optionally enter the Job Number in the "Reference" field to aid reconciliation in your Accounting System.



9 - Click "Approve" button bottom left of the invoice screen to approve the invoice and lock it for editing.  

NOTE: This button displays as either "Approve" or "Approve & Send" depending in the integration method selected under Settings > Accounting System.  In this example the integration method is using Tradify's invoice numbering sequence which is why the button says "Approve".



Send Invoice to Accounting System


10 - Once the invoice has been approved, click on the "Options" button and select the option, "Send to Accounting System" ("Accounting System" is replaced by the name of the accounting system you have integrated with)



11 - Click "OK" on the Alert window which confirms the send was successful.




What's Next

To learn how to Complete the Job, click here


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