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Enter a Supplier's Bill/Invoice from a Purchase Order

Enter a Supplier's Bill/Invoice

When the goods are delivered by the supplier, you can easily turn the Purchase Order into a Supplier's Bill/Invoice.  The following outlines the basic steps to do this.

1 - Open the Purchase Order by clicking the the "Order No." in the "Purchases" tab on the Job

2 - Click "Copy to Bill" button at the bottom left of the Purchase Order screen

3 - Confirm the option "Mark purchase order as billed" and click "OK"

4 - The Purchase Order Lines are copied automatically to a New Bill.  Enter the Invoice No & Job No at the end of it as shown below

5 - Confirm the quantities received and the item unit prices

6 - Click "Approve" to approve the Supplier's Bill/Invoice and lock it for editing. NOTE: The approval step can be held back if the goods have been delivered without the physical invoice from the supplier.  When the invoice is received at a later stage, the approval process can be performed then.  The Bill will remain in Draft mode until approved.

7 - If the Bill has been approved, click on "Options"

8 - Click "Send to Accounting System" to send the Bill to your accounting system


Copy Materials Purchased to the Job

9 - Click the Job number to return to the Job

10 - Click on the Materials tab

11 - Click Copy Materials from Bill

12 - Select the Bill to Copy from the drop down list

13 - Confirm the Markup % to apply to Miscellaneous Cost lines Unit Prices

14 - Click "OK

NOTE: Notice how the Miscellaneous Cost line selling price has automatically calculated based on the Markup % specified in the previous screen.

15 - Click "Save" to complete the process and save the changes to the Job.



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