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Enter & Schedule a Job

This article covers the simplest way of creating a Job in Tradify through the Scheduler from the Web Console.


1 - Click on "Scheduler" in the main menu


2 - Double click on an open time slot on the calendar as shown below



3 - A New Appointment window opens.  


4 - Enter the Finish Date and Finish Time for the appointment and select the Staff.


5 - Search for a Job or click on the button + to create a New Job.



6 - Start typing a customer's name in the "Customer" field and select the customer record from the drop down list that appears


7 - Enter a Job Description to describe the work to be done


8 - Click "Save" on the bottom right of the "New Job" window



9 - The system returns to the New Appointment window.  Enter a note in the Notes field if required.  

NOTE: The Appointment Notes are for internal use only and do not appear on any documents.



10 - Click "Save" on the New Appointment window to complete the process of entering a Job and scheduling an Appointment, which will appear on the Calendar as shown below.



This same process can also be performed on the mobile device using the Tradify Mobile App. The screens will differ but the steps are essentially the same.


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What's Next

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