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Purchase Parts for a Job

Tradify allows purchasing to be managed on a Job by Job basis.  Materials purchased can be copied to the Job, making it easy to ensure all costs are recovered and accounted for.  


Supplier Bills/Invoices can be sent to your accounting system, thereby eliminating the need for double entry.  


This article outlines the basic steps on the Web Console to:

  • raise a purchase order,
  • receive the goods & capture the invoice,
  • copy materials purchased on to the Job.


Raise a Purchase Order


The step is optional, as the Supplier's Bill/Invoice can be entered directly without having to raise a purchase order.  However, if you wish to keep track of what is on order and what has been received then you need to raise a Purchase Order.


1 - To open the Job you need to order parts for click on the Jobs main menu


2 - Search for the Job in the Jobs List and click on the Job No or Customer to open the Job



3 - In the Job window, click on the Purchase Orders tab


4 - Click on "New Purchase Order"



5 - Type the supplier's name in the  "Supplier" field and select the supplier from the drop down list that appears by clicking on it.


6 - Enter the Job No in the "Reference" field

NOTE: This is optional but recommended as it aids with tracing the purchase in your accounting system


7 - Click "Add Item" to add Price List Items or Miscellaneous Costs to the Order



8 - Click on "Price List Item


9 - Type any part of the Price List Item's description or item code, to filter the Price List Items accordingly.  Select the item required from the drop down list that appears by clicking on it as shown below.

NOTE: You can either enter the quantity required here, after selecting the item, or on the Purchase Order Line once the item has been added



10 - Click "OK" to add the Item selected to the Purchase Order Line Items


11 - You can repeat the steps 8 through 10 to add additional items to the Purchase Order as required


For the purpose of this example we will add other Price Items and a Miscellaneous Cost


12 - Select Price List Item and enter the Quantity required


13 - Click "OK" to add the Item selected to the Purchase Order Line Items



14 - After clicking the "Add Line Item" button on the Purchase Order screen once again, select "Miscellaneous" to add a Miscellaneous Cost.


15 - Enter the "Description" as you want it to appear on the Purchase Order


16 - Enter the "Quantity" and "Unit Price"


17 - Click "OK" to add the Item selected to the Purchase Order Line Items



18 - Select the address where you want the items delivered.  You can select either your Company's Physical address or the Job Address. (Optional)


19 - Enter Delivery Instructions if required. (Optional)



20 - Click "Approve" to approve the Purchase Order and lock it for editing


21 - Click "Yes" to confirm the approval step when prompted 



22 - Click "Options" to send the invoice to the supplier


23 - Click "Email Purchase Order" to email a PDF version of the Purchase Order to the Supplier



24 - Confirm the "To Email Address" that will populate from the supplier record.  This can be changed here if required


25 - Place a tick in the "Send me a Copy" check box to send a copy to the sender. (Optional)



26 - Click "Send" to send the Purchase Order Email to the supplier


27 - Once sent the system returns to the Purchase Order.  Click "Save" to return to the Job



Receive Goods & Capture Supplier's Bill/Invoice


When the goods are delivered by the supplier, you can easily turn the Purchase Order into a Supplier's Bill/Invoice.  The following outlines the basic steps to do this.


1 - Open the Purchase Order by clicking the the Order No. in the Purchases tab on the Job



2 - Click "Copy to Bill" button at the bottom left of the Purchase Order screen



3 - Confirm the option "Mark purchase order as billed" and click "OK"



4 - The Purchase Order Lines are copied automatically to a New Bill.  Enter the Invoice No & Job No at the end of it as shown below


5 - Confirm the quantities received and the item unit prices


6 - Click "Approve" to approve the Supplier's Bill/Invoice and lock it for editing.

NOTE: The approval step can be held back if the goods have been delivered without the physical invoice from the supplier.  When the invoice is received at a later stage, the approval process can be performed then.  The Bill will remain in Draft mode until approved.



7 - If the Bill has been approved, click on "Options"


8 - Click "Send to Accounting System" to send the Bill to your accounting system



Copy Materials Purchased to the Job


9 - Click the Job number to return to the Job



10 - Click on the Cost tab


11 - Click on New Cost and Copy Materials from Bill



12 - Select the Bill to Copy from the drop down list


13 - Confirm the Markup % to apply to Miscellaneous Cost lines Unit Prices


14 - Click "OK



NOTE: Notice how the Miscellaneous Cost line selling price has automatically calculated based on the Markup % specified in the previous screen.



15 - Click "Save" to complete the process and save the changes to the Job.



What's Next

To learn how to Record time & Other Materials on the Job, click here.

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