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Record Time & Material Costs on the Job

Once the Job has been created & scheduled, either via the Web Console or through the Mobile App, the field workers assigned to the Job can action it further on site using the Mobile App.

This article will cover the simplest way the field worker accesses the Job, records time and material costs to complete the work required.

Jobs can be accessed a variety of ways, however, the most useful method is via the schedule, since the field worker can see precisely when the work needs to be done.

Open Job

1 - On the Mobile device, after logging into Tradify, tap on "Scheduler".  NOTE: Appointments can be viewed either for the Day or Week.  In addition the scheduler can be configured to only show appointments for the User that has logged on to the mobile device.

2 - Tap the Job Appointment

3 - Tap the "Open Job ####" button on the appointment summary window that displays when tapping on an appointment, as shown below


Get Directions

4 - Tap the Options icon to get directions to the Job, (looks like an arrow jumping out of a box top right)

5 - Tap the the option, "Get Directions to Job".  This passes the job address to the navigation app on the mobile device and maps the route automatically


Record Time

6 - Once on site, tap the "Start Timer" bar to start recording time

7 - Tap "Start" to start the timer. You can optionally enter notes relating to the work done either at this point or when the timer has been stopped.

NOTE: Once the timer as been started the Timer bars change to allow you to either "Pause Timer" or "Stop Timer".  Also the Job Status automatically changes to "In Progress", as shown below

When the work for the day on this job is complete, tap the "Stop Timer" bar

The system automatically moves to the "Time" menu on the Job and displays the time entry created.


Edit Time Entry

8 - Tap the Time Entry to edit it

10 - All details of the Time Entry can be edited.  Additional notes can be made if required.  Tap the Return Arrow to return to the Job


Add Material Costs

If there are additional costs that need to be added this can either be done on the mobile device or on the web console.  It is recommended the field worker record these material costs on the mobile device as they are incurred, to ensure nothing is forgotten.  Material costs can also include fixed service charges like Travel, Cartage, Call Out etc.

11 - Tap the "Materials" menu on the Job

12 - Tap "New Price List Item"

NOTE: You can also add miscellaneous costs for things like consumables or once off costs for which no price list item exists.  You can also copy materials from a Bill or Quote. 

13 - Tap the Required text on the top line to search your Price Lists for an item

14 - Type any part of the item description to filter the Price List Items accordingly.  NOTE: You can also search by Price List Categories by tapping the three bars to the right of the search bar

15 - Tap the Price List Item on the filtered list

16 - Enter the Quantity

17 - Tap "Done" to add the Price List Item to the Job

NOTE: You can repeat the process to add additional items as required.

18 - Tap "Save" to confirm the changes made. NOTE: The Job must always be saved to confirm any changes, whether that be just adding time, altering a field, adding notes or materials.

 The User will then be returned to the Scheduler menu to action the next Job


What's Next

To learn how to Obtain Sign Off on the Job & Invoice the Customer, click here.




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