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Obtain Sign Off

Job Sheets can be signed by the Customer on the mobile device. The Signature automatically displays on the Job Sheet which can also be sent to the Customer, if desired. The Job Sheet does not contain any prices or costs and so it can safely be sent to the Customer.  This is entirely optional and does not impact any other processes in the system.



Obtain Sign Off


1 - While in the Job Screen tap the "Options" icon, (looks like an arrow jumping out of a box, top right of the screen next to the "Save" button


2 - Tap "Sign Job Sheet"



3 - The system defaults the Job/Site Contact name on the signature screen.  This can be edited if needed.


4 - Hand the customer the mobile device and they can sign on the blank space using their finger, as shown below


5 - Tap "Done" to confirm the signature.

NOTE: The signature can be reset if a mistake is made by tapping the "Reset" button.




NOTE: Once confirmed the signature appears on the Job Sheet as shown below. The Job Sheet can be printed or emailed using the "Options" icon.


6 - If no further work is required, tap the Job Status and set it to, "To Invoice"


7 - Tap "Save" to confirm and save the changes



NOTE: Changing the status makes it easier for the admin person to action the Job further.  This step is optional and does not impact any other aspects of the system.



What's Next

To learn how to Invoice the Customer, click here.

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