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Managing Opportunities & Enquiries - CRM

Tradify isn't a CRM Solution (Customer Relationship Management), however, if all you are needing is to track the progress of a Sales Opportunity or Enquiry/Quote, there is a way that you can manage these effectively.

We recommend creating a custom "Job Status" called "Opportunities & Enquires". You can then create a Job to manage each new sales opportunity, enquiry/quote request and then assign this Job Status to the job.


Add New Job Status


1 & 2 - Click on Settings > Jobs


3 - Click on the "Job Statuses" tab


4 - Click on the "New" button



5 - Enter the description of the Job Status in the "Display Name" field, (e.g. "Opportunities & Enquires") 


6 - Select a "Highlight Colour" to colour code this Status on your Jobs List and Scheduler.

NOTE: Select a colour that is not already in use and that will stand out


7 - We recommend removing the tick in the Check Box option, "Show jobs with this status in the active jobs".  This option allows you to exclude jobs, that have the "Opportunities & Enquiries" Job Status assigned to them, from your active jobs list.  This means that that "Opportunities & Enquiries" do not clutter your Jobs list that is viewed and actioned by field workers.

NOTE: This step is optional and it does make scheduling work for this Job a little more involved, but then it provides more control of the Job form an administrative perspective


8 - Click "Save" to complete the process



Add Additional Job Categories

If you want to further track the stage of the Opportunity or Enquiry, we recommend creating new selection options under one of the existing "Job Categories" for this purpose.  These selection options should ideally mirror the typical steps in your Sales Cycle.  


1 & 2 - Click on Settings > Jobs


3 - Click on one of the "Job Categories #" tabs


4 - Click on the "New" and "New Job Category" button


5 - Enter a category selection description in the "Display Name" field


6 - Click on "Save" to save the new category selection option



Repeat the process for each of the selection options you need that typically relate to your sales cycle.  This will allow your sales team to update the stage of the opportunity or enquiry as needed, to make it easy to track its progress.


How this Works


1 - When you receive an enquiry from a customer, create a Job for them and assign the Job Status - "Opportunities & Enquiries".


2 - Select the Job Category that reflects the stage the enquiry is at


3 - Enter a Job Description as an overview of the enquiry



You can optionally create tasks to outline the next actions to be attended to, as illustrated above.


4 - You can schedule appointments to attend to the tasks or enquiries made by the customer, however, this needs to be done from within the Job.  Click on the "Scheduler" tab


5 - Click on the "Open Scheduler" button



6, 7, 8, 9 - Double click on an open time slot,enter a finish time, assign the staff and select a task if required.  Notes are optional



10 - Click "Save" to save the appointment


11 - Click on the "Back to Job" button and click the "Save" button there to complete the process.


You can add the Quote on the Job at any point in the process as your needs dictate.  For more information on entering Quotes on a Job, click here.


If you wanted to track the time spent on the tender process, creating a job for the Opportunity in this way, would allow you to do this.  You could also create a billing rate with a zero charge out rate for this purpose if the time spent on the tender process is not charged.  Click here for more information on create a Zero Charge Billing Rate.


When the Quote has been accepted and the tender has been won, all you need to do is set the Job Status to either "Scheduled" or "In Progress" to make the Job Active and go on from there as you would with other Jobs.


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