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How can I schedule recurring appointments for maintenance based Jobs?

The Recurring Jobs feature in Tradify is best suited to address this need.  This feature provides an easy way to automatically create and schedule jobs according to a recurring frequency that you specify.

Essentially a Recurring Job is a template that is used to create a job record repeatedly as needed; for example, a Lawn Maintenance Company that needs to schedule regular lawn or maintenance work for their customers. 

1 & 2 - To set up a Recurring Job template for this purpose, click on Jobs > New Recurring Job.

3 - Enter a title for the Job in the "Job Name" field to make it easy to identify your recurring templates in the Recurring Jobs list.  We recommend using a combination of the Customer's Company Name and work type, e.g. Jon Smith - Garden Maintenance.

4 - Select "Create and Schedule Job" from the "Job Type" drop down list.  This creates the job and schedules an appointment in the Scheduler according to the frequency set.

5 - Set the frequency for the Job and Appointment.  NOTE: This will require that you assign a Staff Member to the Recurring Job template so the appointment can be scheduled

6 - Select the Customer

7 - Enter a Job Description for the Recurring Job that outlines the work to be done

The rest of the Job information is the same as when entering a regular Job.  You also have the option of entering tasks that you want to appear on each recurring Job created by this template.

8 - Click "Save" to add the Recurring Job template

If you check the Scheduler you will notice that an appointment now appears in your calendar in line with the frequency specified. NOTE: The appointment can only be changed once the Recurring Job template has generated an actual Job record for the appointment.  The timing of this is controlled by the "Create Job" field in the frequency section.

In the sample image below, notice how the Recurring Job appointments have Job Numbers.  This indicates that the Job record has been generated.

The next sample image shows the appointments for the following week as per the frequency of the Recurring Job template.  Notice the appointments do not have Job Numbers.  This indicates that the Job record has not yet been generated, as per the "Create Job" field setting in this example.

These appointments can only be edited or changed by altering the Recurring Job template frequency settings or you need to wait until the Job record is generated for the appointment.

Click here for more information on Creating a Recurring Job template.


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