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Costing Separate Stages or Tasks on Jobs

If you need to separate the costs for the work to be done on a Job into stages or tasks then you can use the Job Tasks feature in Tradify.

Job Tasks currently allow for task based costing and invoicing to aid with task profitability analysis and progress billing for work that is complete.  To find out more about task based Progress Claims/Billing, click here.

Tasks can be automatically generated from the Section Headers of a Quote if these have been entered on a Quote.  Tasks can be assigned to Staff and allocated to an appointment on the Scheduler.  Each time entry and material cost added to a Job can have a task allocated to it.  An on screen view of the projected profit for each task can then be seen.

Add Tasks to a Job

1 - From with in a Job, click on the "New Task" button


2 - Name - Enter a title for the task in the "Name" field

3 - Description - Enter a description of the work to be done in relation with this task.  NOTE: This field is optional

4 - Staff - Select the Staff assigned to perform this task.  NOTE: This can be done automatically when scheduling a appointment where the task is allocated to it.  The same staff members assigned to the appointment are assigned to the task

5 - Due Date - Select a date in the Due Date field that indicates when the task must be completed NOTE: This field is optional and is indicative only.

6 - Estimated - Enter a budget value for this task.  This value is used on screen in comparison with the actual costs allocated to the task, to keep track of the task profitability 

7 - Click "OK" to add the task.

You can then repeat the process for each task or stage required for the Job.  If you have entered a Quote on the Job, and the Quote includes Sections that group costs together, (see example below), then by clicking the "Copy Tasks from Quote" button on the Job screen, the Sections will be copied to the Job and entered as tasks, including the estimated cost for each Section as entered on the Quote.

The following is a Quote with Sections:

Copy Task from a Quote

1 - With the Job open, click on the Copy Tasks from Quote button.  The above Quote is attached to the Job shown in the image below

2 - Select the Quote by clicking the down arrow on the selection window that appears

3 - Select the Quote by clicking on the Quote Number in the drop down list

4 - Click "OK" to confirm

This will turn the Quote Sections headers into tasks on the Job.  The cost total for each section is also copied across to each task.  NOTE: If the Quote Section has a long description this is also copied across to the Task Description.

Allocate Tasks to Time and Material Entries

The task can be selected when entering time on a Job. NOTE: This can also be allocated after the time entry has be added to a Job.  The Task selection option will only appear if tasks have been created for the Job.  The allocation of Tasks to Time & Material cost lines is optional.

The Task can be allocated to each Material line on the Job via the Web Console by selecting the Task from the drop down option to the right of the Material line on the Materials tab

The Tasks can also be allocated via the Mobile App on each time entry or Material line.  Simply tap on the Task field on each record and then select the task to allocate.

The total of actual costs for both time and materials that are allocated to each Task are shown in the Task grid on the Job

Estimated - This value is either manually entered on the Task or is derived from the Section Cost total if copied from the Quote.

Actual - This value is derived from Time & Material cost line allocations made on the Time or Materials tabs on the Job

Variance - This is the calculated based on the Estimated minus Actual totals

Gross Profit - This is a projected profit based on the difference between the Actual Cost on Time & Material cost line allocations and the labour charge out values or selling prices related to these, assuming the Time and Materials are invoiced.

Allocate Task to Appointment

If a Job has Tasks entered on it, you can allocate a Task to each Appointment entered on the Scheduler for that Job

The Task allocation on an Appointment can be seen on the Job Appointment summary screen that appears when you hang your mouse over an Appointment time block 

Tasks can be marked as complete on both the Web Console and the Mobile App.  On the Web Console, simple place a tick in the check box to the left of the Task, as shown below
On the Mobile App, the "Completed" Task flag can be found by tapping on the Task in the Job screen.  This will open the Task where the "Completed" flag can be set
The system records the date and time when this is done.  
Tasks can also be invoiced individually when producing a time and material invoice allowing you to easily invoice completed tasks on the job as a progress claim.

To find out more about task based Progress Claims/Billing, click here.




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