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How do I create an invoice for time & materials based on milestones reached or completed tasks?

Job Tasks provide for this requirement with ease.  You will need to create Tasks on the Job which can then be allocated to the time and material entries on the Job.  For more information on creating Tasks on Jobs, click here.

Below is an example of how the Tasks are allocated to individual Material cost lines on a Job


This adds another dimension to invoicing in that you can select to invoice the time and materials for a specific task.  So if a Task is complete, you can invoice just that portion of the costs.

Invoicing Task Based Time & Materials 

1 & 2 - Click on the "Invoices" tab while in the Job and then click on "New Invoice"

3 - Select "Time & Materials Invoice"

4 - Select the Task/s you wish to invoice

5 - Click "OK" to confirm the selections

6 - Enter a Reference to include the Job No and the Progress Claim details in the invoice to make reconciliation easier (Optional)

7 - Enter details in the Invoice Description to indicate that this is a Progress Claim.  This is optional and will help the customer make sense of the invoice values and this detail will also feed through to your accounting system.


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