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How can I schedule equipment to be used on a Job?

If you want to create appointments on the calendar for equipment, like a digger or other large tools, for which there is an hourly charge, then the only option is to set the equipment up as a Staff Member with No Access.  For information on adding No Access Staff Members, click here.

This will then allow you to create time entries on a Job and create appointments on the scheduler where the equipment will be allocated to a Job site.  You can also set an hourly cost to be applied to Jobs when time is entered for the equipment.

Setting up Equipment as a No Access Staff Member

1 & 2 - Click on Settings > Staff Members

3 - Enter a description of the equipment in the "Name" field

4 - Enter a unique "User Name".  This field is mandatory even though the equipment is not accessing the system. NOTE: The User Name must be unique in Tradify's entire user database

5 - Select a "Highlight colour" to colour code appointments on the schedule for this equipment

6 - Enter a central email address for this record

7 - Enter a cost in the "Hourly Rate" field, which will be applied to time entries for this equipment.  We recommend creating a Billing Rate (go to Settings > Pricing Levels & Billing Rates > New Billing Rate) to be used for these time entries, as required to determine billing.  See sample image below:

 For more information on creating Billing Rates, click here

8 - If notifications are required for appointments and Job assignments, select the option to "Send Notifications to the Email Address".  The email address entered on this record will be used for these notifications

9 - Select the Role, "No Access"

10 - Click "OK" to complete the process

NOTE: If you have upgraded to a Paid Subscription, you will need to edit the User Numbers under Settings > Subscription & Billing details first, before you can add a Staff Member/User, as shown below:

There is an additional charge per month that is levied for No Access Staff Members.  For more information on User Pricing, click here.

Once the Equipment has been set up as a No Access Staff Member, you can assign it to a Job, schedule appointments for it and enter time used on a Job, as you would other Staff Members.

Assigning Equipment to Job

1 - Open a Job and click on the "Assign Staff" button

2 - Place a tick in the Check Box next to the Equipment Staff record.  In this example, the equipment is a Digger

3 - Click "OK" to confirm the assignment process

4 - Click "Save" to complete the process

NOTE: The Equipment can automatically be assigned when Scheduling an appointment for the Equipment on the Job.

Scheduling the Equipment on a Job

1 - Open the Scheduler and adjust the Job filter on the right, to list the Job you are looking for.  Then click on the Job record and drag it to the day and time you want to schedule an appointment for the Equipment. NOTE: You can also double click on a time slot on the schedule and enter the job number in the Job field on the "New Appointment" window

2 - In the "New Appointment" window select the Equipment Staff record by placing a tick in the Check Box next to it

3 - Confirm the "Start Time" and enter the "Finish Time" as required

4 - Enter a "Note" if required

5 - Click "Save" to complete the process

The appointment will then appear in the Scheduler as entered


Enter Equipment Time on a Job

1 - On the Time tab of the Job record, click on "New Timesheet Entry"

2 - Select the Equipment Staff record (e.g. Digger) from the drop down list on the "Staff Member" field

3 - Confirm and enter the "Date", "Start Time" & "Finish Time" for the time entry

4 - Confirm or select the appropriate "Billing Rate".  NOTE: This will default from the Billing Rate set against the Equipment Staff Member record under Settings > Staff Members 

5 - Enter a "Note" for the time sheet entry as you require it to appear on the Customer Invoice

6 - Click "OK" to confirm the time entry

7 - Click "Save" to save the time entry on the Job



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