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How can I see what work has been done in connection with a piece of equipment?

If you the equipment you are needing to track work on has a Serial Number, then we would recommend using Custom fields on Jobs to address this requirement.

Custom fields are provided as places to enter additional user defined information for Customers, Sites or information specific to Jobs, like a Serial Number.  

The following are a few examples of additional information you could use Custom fields to record: 

    • Customer Type
    • Customer Source
    • Serial Number
    • Budget Value
    • Warranty Expiry
    • Est Completion Date
    • Access Code
    • Unit/Flat No 

If you have a Custom field free to use for this purpose, set the Custom field label under Settings > Job Settings > Custom fields.  Call it "Serial Number", as shown below:

This will then allow you to enter a Serial Number on each Job where a piece of equipment has been installed or worked on.  

Since each Custom Field can be pre-set on each Customer or Site record, you could even create a Site for a Customer that relates to the piece of equipment installed.  The Serial Number of the piece of equipment and the Warranty Expiry date could then be entered on the Site record.  When the site is selected these fields will default onto the Job.

Below is an example of a Job created for this site.  Notice how the Serial Number and Warranty Expiry date has defaulted to the Job.

The content of the Custom Fields can be used to filter the Jobs list as required, thereby allowing you to search for all Jobs relating to a piece of equipment as well as when the Warranty expires,


For more information on creating and using Custom Fields, click here.


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