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Staff Location & GPS Settings

Tradify allows you to easily locate your team on the maps tab.

Staff's location is reported by the Tradify mobile app that is installed, running and logged in as that user on their mobile device.

Mobile users are able to turn location tracking on and off in the app settings screen.

They are also able to choose between two types of location tracking

  1. The default setting is reduced accuracy location tracking that conserves battery use. This relies on cell-phone connections and wifi signals to determine the location of the device.
  2. The optional setting is high accuracy location tracking with also utilises GPS signals to determine the location of the device.

When the user is directly using the mobile app then high accuracy location tracking is occurring. When the user locks their phone, or switches to another app, then the location tracking will be based on the location tracking setting.

Location tracking also requires a data connection between the mobile device and the internet. The amount of data transferred is very, very small and should have no noticeable impact on data usage.


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