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How do I become a Tradify Expert?

Becoming a Tradify Expert is super simple. Just follow these steps;

  1. Register here.
  2. Book a demo here
  3. Watch this getting started video
  4. Watch this video on integrating Xero
  5. Watch this video on integrating Quickbooks Online
  6. Watch this video on integrating MYOB
  7. Start a trial account for your business and email us here once you’ve done this (this account will be your demo and partner portal account)
  8. Practice doing these things in your demo account;
    1. Create a quote, job, invoice and purchase order
    2. Create a new user
    3. Create or import a customer and supplier
    4. Create or import a price list item
    5. Create a billing rate
    6. Create a custom document theme for invoices
    7. Create and edit a kit.
  9. Refer to our help portal if you get stuck

Contact us here about registering on our Partner Directory.

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