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UK Pricing Changes Questions and Answers

Why are you doing this?

After over five years of development and new features, we’ve now reviewed our subscription plans and have decided to make changes to our pricing plans to better reflect the value that Tradify now offers.

What is the new price for a user who has access to Tradify?

The new per user pricing is £18 per month.

What is the new price for a No Access user?

The per user pricing for a No Access user remains unchanged at £3 per month.

When will the new price come into effect?

June will be the first month at the new price. But as we bill in arrears you’ll have up until the end of June before the new monthly price is invoiced for the first time in July 2019.

When will I see my first invoice at the new price?

The first month at the new price will be June 2019 which is billed in arrears so it will be invoiced at the start of July  2019.

Will you increase your prices again?

This was the first time we’ve increased our prices, and it has been after considerable development of new features over many years. We currently don’t have any further plans for an overall price increase.

What if I still have questions?

Please email us at and we can help you out.

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